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Our founder, Saschane, was officially diagnosed with a gluten-allergy in 2008; and being a vegetarian with a serous love for good food, the seeds of Treats for Eats (Treats4Eats) took full flight as she finished law school. Born of passion and love, Treats for Eats is a Baltimore-based business specializing in gluten-free, allergen free, and vegan baked goods. Our allergen-free line of treats are fully nut-free, soy-free, egg-free, dairy-free, but not taste-free!   

There are no preservatives, artificial food colorings or dyes, or additives.  All of our flours are 100% certified organic and non-GMO, and our remaining ingredients are about 95% organic and non-GMO.  Great care is taken to ensure that every hand-made batch of goodies are handled with as much care for you and your families as we would do for ourselves.   

At Treats4Eats, our Safe-Serv certified baker goes above-and-beyond to prevent cross-contamination in the production process.  We extend that care all the way through packaging.   

When you receive news that you have food allergies, it can feel like you’ve entered a tiny box where you once occupied a great big field.  All your old dessert and bread favorites become a distant memory.  Similarly, when you make the life-style choice to eat foods without eggs or dairy, the offerings of really tasty and rich baked goods are slim.   We are proud that a bite into our allergen-free or vegan products conjure up feelings of nostalgia and happiness.  It’s about giving yourself, your children, friends or customers, a well-deserved treat!


“Bringing Back the Bliss!”   

Choosing or needing to eat foods without wheat/gluten or any of the other common allergens (nuts, eggs, dairy, or soy) should never mean settling for clumpy, dense, flavor-lacking eats.  Remember that feeling of delight and contentment? We work each day to bring that to you over and over again. Enjoy!!!